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  • 6 reasons, why renting is better than buying?

    You must have heard the phrase “Health is Wealth”. Even if you are an employee or a house wife, the most important ‘wealth’ for you is your fitness. Nothing is important enough to cost you your health. Wealth is not something that can be bought, it is something that must be maintained and to do so, one must exercise regularly. Many people prefer to use exercise equipment like treadmills, cross trainers, etc at home rather than visit the gym. Often when we start purchasing these items we browse numerous articles and websites providing various offers regarding renting and selling. Then number of questions arise in everyone’s mind, “Is it the right decision?”, “Should I buy it or rent it?”, “Which option is better?”, etc. Well, here’s a way to avoid all that hassle.

    • No worries regarding expense: First of all, these fitness equipments are pretty expensive but with renting you can purchase them at an affordable and convenient price. In this way you can have treadmill by just paying only some percent of the actual price and maintain your fitness.

    • No maintenance headache: When you rent a treadmill, the maintenance is the dealer’s duty. This is one of the major problems after buying equipments, and renting takes that off your plate.

    • Variety of equipment: You can try out various equipments from the same money that you spent on buying a single equipment. You can switch equipments on a monthly or even a weekly basis. After trying an equipment, you can switch until you come across an equipment that suits your needs.

    • No worries regarding transport: If you are a tenant or you need to transfer due to your job then it’s best to go for renting as you won’t have to worry about the transportation of your equipment. You just need to contact the dealer to return the equipment.

    • Use according to your requirements: When the weather is pleasant we enjoy exercising outdoors and if you are interested in the same way then don’t let your equipment gather dust at home. Just contact the dealer to return it. This way you can use the equipment according to your needs and whenever you require it.

    • First try then buy: Multiple times, we buy expensive equipments during fitness fever and loose our motivation soon. Once we get over the motivation, then our hard earned money that we spent on buying equipment will be useless . So, if you are a beginner then go for a rented equipment and when you build up interest, then you can purchase that.

    So, these were the common setbacks faced by people who buy fitness equipment. Renting provides you equipments at an affordable cost and it is a highly recommended hassle-free process.

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